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Deir Ghassaneh Trail

Nabi Ghaith Trail

Nabi Anir Trail

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A number of one-day hiking trails have been designed to take you into a landscape unseen by most travelers. The trails connect some of the most beautiful Islamic shrines and historic towns in northern Palestine, and pass through some of its finest countryside.

Starting and ending in the lively university town of Birzeit, with its restaurants and cafes, these tours can be adapted to meet the needs of your group. Walk as much or as little as you like, from a full day’s hike down the spectacular Wadi Natuf to a gentle stroll around the Ottoman streets of Deir Ghassaneh. Picnic under the shade of the olive trees, or enjoy a home-cooked meal with a Palestinian family. However you travel, we welcome you to enjoy the beauty and hospitality of these hills.

Deir Ghassaneh Trail Nabi Ghaith Trail Nabi Anir Trail
Each one of these trails will help you to :

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